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26 de marzo de 2011

10 Sentences with "There is & There are"

There is---> Singular
    1. There is a red apple
    2. There is a beautiful cat
    3. There is a beautiful boy
    4. There is a rabbit in house
    5. There is a beautiful dress
    6. There is a ball in house
    7. There is a baby
    8. There is purple shirt
    9. There is a teacher in the class
    10. There is a girl with pretty eyes
    There are ---> Plural

    1. There are many books
    2. There are many black shoes
    3. There are many cookies
    4. There are many apples
    5. There are many notebooks
    6. There are many yellow pencils
    7. There are children in the park
    8. In the sea there are many fish
    9. There are many monkeys in the zoo
    10. There are many children in the school